Tkachuk Taisiya Anatoliivna Ткачук Таїсія Анатоліївна, Kovalenko Volodymyr Viktorovych Ковaленко Володимир Вiкторович


The article considers the issues associated with the special characteristics of coping behavior of adolescents.

It analyzes the concept of coping behaviors and coping strategies as crucial components of an individual human adaptation response to difficult situations in life.

It is noted that in the context of changes in the variety of socio-cultural factors and transformation, transformation of the institution of the family, growth of a network of online video games with virtual partners, sharp reduction in children’s television and radio programs, enhance of an aggressive information flow of the media, there is an increase in the number of stressful situations that, together with the features of the adolescent crisis, accelerated physiological changes in this age period, result in an increase and diversification of forms of psychological misadaption among adolescents.

It is noted that because of an immature individual stress coping style (coping style) the adolescent age category is considered as a special risk group. The accumulation of positive experience in solving difficult situations and limited resources should cause an increase in the specific share of problem-focused and social coping, while negative experience in coping at this age and a deficit of resources form the basis for fixing the avoidance style and increase in misadaptive symptoms, including in the form of deviant behavior at an older age. Therefore, the prevention of destructive coping behavior strategies among adolescents aged 11-13 becomes increasingly relevant.

Keywords: “stress”, “coping”, “coping behavior”, “overcoming behavior”, “coping strategies”, “coping resources”, “adolescent”, “adolescence”, “stress”.

Accepted: 06.03.2017

Reviewed: 06.13.2017

Published: 06.29.2017

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