Aндрєєва Ярослава Федорівна Andrieieva Yaroslava Fedorivna, Литовченко Ніна Федорівна Lytovchenko Nina Fedorivna


Personal professional plan is the result of student problem solving of choosing future life path, an important component of which is to identify opportunities for the realization and development of professional knowledge and skills. Analysis of personal professional plan allows one to analyze the main components of professional self-determination of the individual.

The results of the empirical research indicate a "blurry" prospect of professional development, a sense of possible professional unrealizability. A rather high level of disintegration in the motivational and personal sphere is revealed.

The most chosen areas of life according to the criterion of "accessibility" for students were: «gnosis» and «self-confidence». The predominance of accessibility over value is found in the sphere of “gnosis": such experiences are characterized by lack of interest in cognition, low motivation, indifference. This may indicate not only that this sphere takes up too much space in life, but also the underestimation of what one has, sense of unrealization at the same time with the low importance of the given sphere. This result stands together with the fact that the areas of "interesting work" and "active strenuous life" are the least valuable and the least accessible for this sample of students.

Personal professional plan is formed at the stage of completion of training in the higher education institutions, it is refined and reconsidered. Empirical data demonstrates uncertainty of student identity, but the formedness of cognitive, motivational, value, and activity-practical components of identity. The lack of a practical plan for the implementation of personal professional plan, or its blurring, as well as the lack of a backup plan for the implementation, reveals the uncertainty and confusion of students at the threshold of professional life.

Key words: personal professional plan, professional identity, professional development, professional self-identity of individual, students.

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