Koval Genadiy Valeriyovych Коваль Геннадій Валерійович


Volunteering as a complex heterogeneous social-psychological phenomenon has been considered in this article in terms of its specificity as the activities from rendering help. A differential analysis of the notions of voluntary help, social help and psychological help was conducted. The understanding of the essence of the specifics of volunteer activities as the orientation on other activity was proposed. The influence of dissimilar understanding of specificity of volunteer activities on the immediate direction of help has been shown. It has been shown that volunteering, which is implemented by the state within the framework of social work, is aimed at the personality. Volunteering, realized by civil society within the limits of social movement, is directed on activity of the personality. Thus it is reveals the possibility of different vectors of institutionalization of volunteering. On account of the noted specificity of voluntary help was made possible an assumption the inalienability of the results of the activities from the volunteer. That must the direct to affect the satisfaction of the volunteer with his work and can be verified empirically. Also, the noted specificity of help was allowed to refute the assertion that the learned helplessness is a negative consequence of receiving voluntary help. Through a notion of the structure of activity have been differentiated the tasks of volunteering help and motives for providing assistance. Tasks have been correlated of the conditions and purposes of assistance. Motives have been correlated with reflexing of the problem objectification of the values of the subject in need of help. It was formulated the assumption that the valid motivation of voluntary help is due to the reflection of terminal values which attributed to the subject of receiving assistance. That needs further theoretical analysis of the specifics of causal attribution of values as the valid motive for the provision of help.

Keywords: volunteering, activity, help, alienation, learned helplessness, attribution of values.

Accepted: 10.9.2017

Reviewed: 10.20.2017

Published: 11.8.2017

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