Koval Genadiy Valeriyovych Коваль Геннадій Валерійович


The aspects of define and understanding the phenomenon of volunteering have been actualizing in this article. In particular an unselfish (unpaid) activities, a socially useful activities, a social work, a social or civic movement; a large social group; a social institution; a civil society institute there are considered as the definitions of volunteering. Social usefully has been substantiated as the criterion determining volunteering at the level of activities. The complex criterion unselfish and compensation for time spend has been proposed for a distinction volunteering as a socially useful activities and as an organized activity. The volunteer activity organized government institutions were proposed as definition social worked.  Also, were marked different the social worked from other types of organized volunteering activities. The characteristic of self-organization various performers providing assistance was proposed as the criterion differentiation volunteering at level social movement. To determining the volunteering to level socially institution was proposed to take the following: execution a function of the social institution may be implementing such specially performer as a social movement. That allows distinguishing separately volunteering as a social institution and volunteering as an institution of civil society. Multidimensional definitions volunteering was analyzed and solved as a trend which is reflects the sustainable development of both the phenomenon of volunteering also so levels manifestation volunteer activities. The problem of classification volunteering as a large social group was proposed as a prospect for further analysis. The volunteer movement at support of the anti-terrorist operation in east Ukraine was proposed as a material for such analysis.

Keywords: volunteering, socially useful activities, social work, social movement, social institution.

Accepted: 06.10.2017

Reviewed: 06.19.2017

Published: 06.29.2017

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