Nazar Maksym Mykolaiovych Назар Максим Миколайович


The conceptual grounds' exposure of subjectness activity's development comes forward a research purpose during forming of communicative competence. The basic method of research is a theoretical analysis of the most modern scientific sources of the proper subject. Subjectness activity can be considered as description of the personality's activity's state that (as a form of activity) consists of certain components: sense of purpose, motivation, strategy of achieving end, reflection, emotions. The special value of communicative competence allows to perceive it as a substantial component of subjectness activity, affecting a question about their intercommunication and psychological role they play on attitude toward each other. There are direct correlations between communicative competence's forming and development of subjectness activity related to the coherent structures of both psychological phenomena and application of studies' oriented instrument's subject such as virtual educational environments. Development of group work of communicative competence's forming in virtual educational space, which assists development of subjectness activity, carries in itself enormous psychological and pedagogical potential, being one of facilities to convert potential studies and education in active, conscious, personal, creative process.

Keywords: Internet, trainings, subjectness activity.


Accepted: 06.08.2017

Reviewed: 06.15.2017

Published: 06.29.2017

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