Dubchak Galyna Myhajlivna Дубчак Галина Михайлівна


The article presents the results of empirical research of features of stress reactions that occur in learning activities of modern students who are trained in socionomic professions. There is described the procedure of studies with the use of methods of study of the educational stress Shcherbatykh Y. Research sample amounted to 600 students of Universities and vocational schools of Chernovtsy. It was revealed that in past decades have increased: the importance of problems related to educational activity, psychological problems, and problems associated with the functioning. At the same time much less relevant have become: privacy concerns, conflicts in the group and a life away from parents. The most severe manifestations of academic stress of modern Ukrainian students are behavioural, the least severe - physiological. The level of examination stress among students of Universities and vocational schools is significantly higher than a decade ago. Precisely the examination is the strongest factor, which causes the emergence of stress among modern students during their studies. To alleviate stress most modern Ukrainian students use chat with friends or a loved one and sleep; about the half of the students - a walk in the fresh air, good food, support and advice from parents and physical activity. Alarming is the fact that part of students is using alcohol, drugs and cigarettes to relieve stress. These persons, in particular, are in need of psychological care of specialists on effective methods of reducing the stress load.

Keywords: students, socionomic professions, stress, examination stress, stressogenic factors, stress condition of students.

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