Dubchak Galyna Myhajlivna Дубчак Галина Михайлівна


The article substantiates the topicality of studying the problems of resistance to stress of future socionomic professions specialists. There is described the procedure of research with the use of questionnaire designed to determine accentuation (K. Leonhard. G. Shmishek) and Boston test of resistance to stress. There are analyzed the features of resistance to stress, accentuation of character and specifics of their manifestations among the Ukrainian students. It was found that modern students of universities and vocational schools are characterized by the average level of stress, and besides for university students the level of stress is significantly higher than for vocational school students. In about a third of the students there are absent pronounced accentuation of character, but in 65% they are present: from one to three manifests itself most often, and in small part - from four to eight character accentuations. The most severe manifestations of accentuated features among men and women has hyperthymic type, the least severe anxious type for men and dysthymic type for women. There are revealed substantial differences between the following types of accentuation among young people: emotive, pedantic, cyclothymic, demonstrative; their manifestations are higher among women than among men. The article discovered negative correlation between resistance to stress and emotive type; the correlation is positive between resistance to stress and pedantic, demonstrative, excitable and dysthymic types, meaning that a person with emotive type of accentuation is less stress resistant, and persons with pedantic, demonstrative, excitable and dysthymic types of accentuation are more stress resistant in comparison to others students.

Keywords: professional training, socionomic professions, students, stress, resistance to stress, accentuation of character.

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