Burlaka Olena Vasylivna Бурлака Олена Василівна, Kondratenko Larysa Oleksandrivna Кондратенко Лариса Олександрівна, Manylova Lidia Myhailivna Манилова Лідія Михайлівна


Traumatic events, caused by so-called "hybrid" war, that are already experiencing residents of Ukraine, lead to different kinds of stress. One of the professional categories of the population, that are most affected by instability in society are teachers, because they, as a result of their professional duties, lend themselves to additional stress - secondary stress, which is obtained by communication with psychologically traumatized people..

The aim of the article serves to compare the levels of adaptation disorders and the possibility of mental and physical disorders among residents of Kiev and Minsk. It is known, that the characteristics of the teaching profession lead to an increase in mental and somatic diseases caused by, not even related to the war stress. Therefore it was important to define - is it really a hybrid war, which is not directly hurt the inhabitants of Kiev, significantly increases the level of their injury. The study was conducted with the help of the "M-PTSD Civilian version". In the test only women took part (73 teachers from Kiev and 48 teachers from Minsk).

The study found that the average levels of Kiev's teachers disadaptation (residents of the country where there is a war, even a hybrid) is much higher than the corresponding levels of teachers who live in Minsk (where there is no any war).

Therefore, we can conclude that the observed difference is a direct consequence of stress which really associated with the traumatic impact of hybrid war in Ukraine.

Medical examinations women from Kiev confirm the negative effects of stress on their mental, and physical health.

Keywords: stress, hybrid war, trauma, adaptation disorders, women – teachers, mental, and physical health.

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