Шепельова Марія Володимирівна Shepelyova Mariia Volodymyrivna


Article presents the results of empirical research of artistic orientations (“the emotional content”, “the technique of depiction”, “the artist’s creative approach” and “the semantic content”), personality characteristics (“mental imbalance”, which is a generalization of grades in three lower-level scales (“neuroticism”, “psychoticism”, “depression”); “Asociality” (“conscientiousness”, “disinhibition”); “Introversion” (“general activity”, “modesty”, “sociability”); “Sensitivity” (“aesthetic susceptibility”, “femininity”)), creativity and empathy displays among students. Quantitative data processing was carried out by the means of the average values defining, percentage ratios, and factor analysis for the system-forming factor defining, and multiple linear regression analysis for the following defining of the influence of personality characteristics on students’ artistic orientations in paintings’ perception. It is revealed that a system-forming factor in the students' artistic orientations in painting perception is an orientation on emotional content of artistic work. It is found that following twelve indicators (rational channel of empathy, identification in empathy, general activity, conscientiousness, risk, femininity, intuitive channel of empathy, attitudes, promoting or preventing empathy, disinhibition, emotional channel of empathy, penetrating ability in empathy, modesty) influence on students’ orientation on emotional content of artistic work. The results give us a possibility to create a psychological portrait of students, oriented on emotional content of artistic work, and also show which of the characteristics are blocking in painting perception.

Key words: artistry, artistic orientations in painting perception, personality characteristics, creativity, empathy, students.


Отримано: 28.08.2019

Відрецензовано: 10.09.2019

Опубліковано: 30.09.2019


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