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The purpose of the article is to analyze the peculiarities of the practical application of the Macromedia Flash distance learning system on the basis of the ILIAS open source distance learning platform and its application in the RFP (OT) in the process of implementation of the complex cognitive behavioral psychotherapy (PCCВP) program into the educational process. The experiment used different methods of pedagogical research, namely: observation (the subject of observation was the educational activity of students in the classroom); conversation (conducted with students in the process of analyzing the results of the survey); content analysis as a method of studying documentation (the information of class journals, the results of control and trial works).

Results. The features of the distance learning platform are analyzed in the context of the model of providing remote access to training resources in the process of training future specialists, and the features of available services and platforms of distance learning are revealed. The peculiarities of introduction of the elements of distance learning of the educational concept of "Culture of safety of psychoprofessional disorders in conditions of" locus minoris resistentiae "regarding the development of hypochondria in a person in the system of vocational schools are substantiated.

In terms of problem solving, we have developed a course in distance learning on the basics of working with Macromedia Flash using the ILIAS open source remote learning platform. It creates interactive movies that allow the user to control their behavior with the keyboard or the mouse. Flash movies created are compact, fast-loading and scalable. Note that the results are often saved as compact SWF files for display on the ILIAS platform using a Flash player. Flash movies use vector graphics, but may also include spot graphics and sound. This program is a translation of the latest version of the world-famous Flash movie player.

The potential of the distance learning system on the ILIAS platform in the organization of professional training and training of future specialists is highlighted. It includes organizational methods for the division of functions between contractors who work on the basis of rigid regulation and careful control Creating a course for distance learning based on the ILIAS platform, we added theoretical material in the form of lectures or attached training presentations, mental maps, interactive posters and more.

Conclusions. It is shown that the methodological basis of distance learning in the system of institutions of vocational (vocational-technical) education (hereinafter: ZP (PT) O) is the teaching about the organization of activities as a coherent system with clearly defined characteristics, its advantages and disadvantages, logical substructure and a number of relevant organizational - pedagogical methods.

Keywords: program of complex cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, author screenings, distance learning, information and communication technologies, institutions of professional (vocational-technical) education, educational-informative environment, system of educational and methodical materials, program «Macromedia Flash», ILIAS platform.

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