Бойко Ірина Іванівна Boyko Iryna Ivanivna


The article highlights the actual problem of the psychology of the formation of the teacher's acmeprofessionalism through the prism of self-management, which is determined by the priority directions of raising the level of professional training of teachers. The problem is considered by shifting the emphasis on the personality of the teacher as the subject of the educational process, as the maximally active subject of knowledge, which allows concentration on the internal qualities of the individual as the main source of development. The purpose of the article is to reveal the concept of self-realization and the analysis of the integration components of the competence of self-management: the ability to self-education, self-regulation, self-realization, which is based on the mechanism of reflexive self-regulation, based on the internal resources of the individual and on criteria specific to the profession. The article deals with theoretical analysis of the integration components of the teacher's self-management competence; analysis of concepts self-realization, self-regulation, self-organization, self-management, competence of self-management, personal values, motivation, installation. As a basic ability to form the competence of self-management, readiness for continuous personal and professional self-improvement is considered. Specificity of various spheres of pedagogical activity predetermines the study of the structure of competence of self-management, namel, its specific types at different levels: 1) on the unconscious (psychological mechanisms: apperception, anticipation, intuition, insight); 2) on the conscious (psychological mechanisms: reflection, self-reflection, 3) on the auto-psycho-correction: the processes of self-management as autopsychological competence. The concept of "readiness for self-organization", its structure as a hierarchical system of interdependent abilities: ability to self-education, self-regulation and self-realization is explored. In further research, the identified problem requires the development of a new approach to the formation of the professionalism of the teacher, which should focus on the task of forming a competent specialist; building a model of self-management skills of a modern specialist. It is possible to achieve this by forming a teacher of self-management competence.

Keywords: self-realization, self-regulation, self-organization, self-management, competence of self-management, personal values.

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