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The article reconstructs for the first time the concept of personal determination proposed by the outstanding national scientist Yu.I. Mashbyts. The sources of research by the scientists on personal determination in the context of supplementing determinations of learning tasks are highlighted. Internal determination as the essence of psychological learning mechanisms is revealed. The specifics of each of the three psychological mechanisms - feedback, supplementing determinations of learning tasks and the dynamic distribution of management functions between a teacher and a pupil - are defined in the conceptual field of their contribution to the personal system of determinants. The role of Yu.I.Mashbyts in the following areas is revealed: the developed theoretical and methodological principles to examine a pupil’s status, his/her inclusion as an equal actor in the “pupil – teacher” dichotomy, initiated understanding of “the model of learning as a systemic concept, including teaching and learning activities”. The article also describes the scientist’s contribution to defense of internal personal determination as a dominant one over the rigid external determination in the systems of teaching and learning activities. The author's original inclusion of reflection not only into the system “I – I”, but also into the system “I - Other” is analyzed, such approach opens new angles of the structural and dynamic characteristics of personal determination on the basis of “the interdependent theories of teaching and learning activities”. Yu.I. Mashbyts revealed the phenomenon of transgression in the national pedagogical psychology and substantiated its inclusion into the system of personal determination. The idea of ​​“a model of each pupil” initiated by the scientist is conceptualized in the article as well as its significance as a personal determinant in the light of the New Ukrainian School concept. An emphasis is laid on the necessity to create a model of "personal determination – self-concept of a successful pupil as an actor of learning activities”.

Key words: personality, personal determinants, psychological mechanisms, systems of teaching and learning activities, reflection, transgression, model.

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