Pleskach Bogdan Vadymovych Плескач Богдан Вадимович


The article is devoted to the reliability and validity of the questionnaire scales for the diagnostics of personality traits of oncohematological patients. The proposed questionnaire is aimed on revealing of attachment styles; depressive, theatrical, narcissistic, paranoid, aggressive (antisocial), obsessive-compulsive and schizoid personality types, as well as anti-emotionality. All scales of the questionnaire revealed high internal consistency, discriminativeness and retest reliability. The validity of the questionnaire was verified by studying the correlations with the methods: of portrait choices L. Sondi, the color choices of M. Luscher, the personal differential of  A. Etkind, the additional scale «A-factor» and the K-scale from the MMPI, 16 PF of R. Kettell, a separate scale "jamming accentuation" from questionnaire G. Shmyshek, K. Leonhard. The high validity of the proposed scales is shown. Proposed algorithms for diagnostics of intrapersonal conflicts (contradictory association of personality traits measured using a questionnaire) in oncohematological patients based on methodological approaches of L.M. Sobchik and V.V. Rybalko were proposed. Associations between revealed intrapersonal conflicts and some features of medical treatment were presented. The proposed instrument for diagnostics of intrapersonal conflicts can be used in the observation of oncological and oncohematological patients.

Keywords: psychooncology, intrapersonal conflict, oncohematological diseases, test, psychodiagnostics.

Accepted: 10.17.2017

Reviewed: 10.26.2017

Published: 11.8.2017

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