Маslyuk Andrij Mykolajovych Маслюк Андрій Миколайович


The article deals with the creative work of the founder of the Western Ukrainian school of psychology, professor, doctor of philosophy and medicine, member of the National Academy of Sciences, academician of the Polish Academy of Sciences, author of the first textbook in Ukrainian on psychology: Stepan Balei. The emphasis is on the study of works: «From the psychology of creativity Shevchenko» (1916), «Trinity in the creativity of Shevchenko» (1925).

S. Balei, for the initial position of the psychoanalysis of Shevchenko’s creativity uses the Greek myth of Endymion and Selene. There is a vivid example of the Endymion myth with the indirect identification of the poet and the main character of Yarema in the part of «Haydamak», but in the poem «I was thirteen» Shevchenko expressively describes himself.

The ideal female figure of Shevchenko is on the one hand a form in which the author objects the interior of his soul and at the same time has a sublimated image of his mother. And hence the peculiar sign of his female figure, namely, that she is an ordinary woman, a servant, a cover, and at the same time a saint.

Shevchenko had some psychopathological features of his psyche in the form of arrhythmia and obsessive ideas, as a result was a manifestation of psychasthenia or neurosis. But such features of the psyche of the poet allowed Shevchenko to become a genius prophet of Ukraine.ĺ

Keywords: personality, Stepan Balei, Shevchenko, psyche, Еndymion myth, cult of motherhood.

Accepted: 06.18.2017

Reviewed: 06.26.2017

Published: 06.29.2017

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