Manilov Igor Felixovich Манілов Ігор Феліксович


The paper represents findings on the investigation of suggestive correction aimed at dysfunctional thought of the humans with neurotic and somatoform disorders. It is noted that correction of dysfunctional thoughts is an essential constituent of any psychotherapeutic process. It is shown expedience of combining the techniques of both cognitive and suggestive psychotherapy during correction of dysfunctional thoughts. Practicability of such approach is substantiated in the basic provisions of the Multimodal Suggestive Psychotherapy. It is demonstrated that the modification of thought is achievable on conditions that there is exercised combined influence on all basic modalities of human mental activities, such as: “cognition”, “imagery”, “sensation”, “affect”, “behavior”, “interpersonal” and “drugs/biology”. It is determined that the therapeutic influence on “biology” is essential for successful correction of dysfunctional thoughts. It is shown that the main direct influence on dysfunctional thoughts is achieved by means of psychotherapeutic confrontational suggestion. In accordance with the key principles of the confrontation suggestion technique, there are basic scientific points and world-view visions that are considered as antagonists of dysfunctional thoughts. Confrontation of suggested ideas and principles with dysfunctional thoughts provokes the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance with further correction of the latter ones. Multimodal Suggestive Psychotherapy is demonstrated to have high effectiveness in treatment of the humans with neurotic and somatoform disorders.

Key words: suggestion, dysfunctional thought, correction of dysfunctional thoughts, multimodal suggestive psychotherapy, confrontational suggestion, cognitive psychotherapy, neurotic disorders.

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