Shevchuk Iryna Volodymyrivna Шевчук Ірина Володимирівна


In this article we examined a period of old age. The article highlights features of readiness of elderly to retirement, which play a significant role in their future life, physical, mental and social health, positive social adaptation. It was established that the suspension of professional activity in old age leads to the fact that a person is on the sidelines of public life. He is going through a change in status, the need for social adaptation and reintegration into society. In the article we consider the psychological characteristics of the meaning of life as important factor of elderly man development. The meaning of life is considered to be important human value and its loss leads to some psychological problems and diseases. It was shown that an important factor in the meaning of life in this age is interpersonal communication and financial support. Therefore, the urgency of the problem, namely -search of meaning of life in the elderly, today is obvious. The article analyzes different scientific approaches to variants of overcoming the crisis of old age as conditions of further harmonious existence of such people. It indicated the importance of personal growth of each person as well as search of vital interests. An important part of harmonious life that may be its meaning as well is communication with close friends, travelling, spiritual development, accepting their experience, hobbies for which elderly did not have enough time in young age. All this makes happy old age.

Keywords: old age, happy old age, old age types, the meaning of life, biological aging, social aging, crisis.

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