Ivashkevych Iryna Vladyslavivna Івашкевич Ірина Владиславівна


The article deals with the problem of determining the structural components of the professional competence of specialists in different spheres of professional activities. The author of the article proposed a definition of the professional competence of a specialist of legal scope, disclosed its structure. It was indicated that the lawyer’s professional competence consisted of the following components: 1) a motivational target component; 2) a cognitive component; 3) a social component; 4) axiological component; 5) auto-psychological component.

The author of the article describes the structure of a motivational target component of the professional competence of a specialist of legal scope, which includes: a motivation to perform legal activities; a motivation to succeed; the ability to set goals and to achieve them; professional self-determination, which is the criterion for successful realization of the professional activity; professional orientation as a psychological orientation of students performing professional activities, including contextual and motivational sides; professional readiness of students as a condition characterized by scientific, theoretical, psychological, legal and also by physical readiness.

It was determined that a cognitive component of the professional competence of a specialist of legal sphere of the activity involved the development of knowledge, abilities and skills of the person, significant professional experience, and also highlighted the development of the ability to use these knowledge and skills, frames of the professional experience in practice.

It was noted that the structure of social component of the professional competence of the lawyer consisted of communicative competence, emotional and expressive peculiarities of the person and the characteristics of motor-volitional sphere of a specialist. In the article it was determined that basic substructural elements of auto-psychological component of the professional competence of the lawyer were: a professional self-determination and self-actualization of a lawyer, which in general could be described as a long process of person’s attitude to his/her profession and to himself/herself as a (potential or real) subject of the professional activity or professionalism in a whole.

Keywords: the professional competence, a motivational target component, a cognitive component, a social component, axiological component, auto-psychological component.

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