Sabol Diana Mykhailivna Сабол Діана Михайлівна


The article describes ethnic self-identification of youth. The purpose of this article is a comparative analysis of the results of empirical constative research ethnic consciousness of youth. Four groups of studied are analyzed, there were explored differences of social and ethno-psychological nature. These were students of professional collages and students of the 1st course in Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, one part of students in their future careers to be involved in Ukrainian folk embroidery, and other part won’t. The purpose of the survey, processing of which is presented in the article, was the clearance of the following data: age of the respondents, their gender, national self- identity, ethnic identity, subjective reasons of national identity, subjective importance of national identity, nationality at all typical signs and symptoms typical for Ukrainian nationality, in particular. For this purpose there was used an application "Questinaire of ethno-national belong", developed and tested in the dissertation of A. Golota. Also, the task was to compare the causes of ethnic identity in different groups. Level of importance to the respondent's nationality was observed. Ranking method detected the nature of the evidence that unite a person with people from his ethnic group. In addition to finding belonging to ethnic and investigated a particular ethnic group, questionnaire also recorded subjective importance of this identity and its cause. The article points natural change in a positive direction in the groups studied, future profession of which is directly related to embroidery.

Keywords: national self-identity, ethnic identity, characteristic features of Ukrainian nationality, subjective reasons of self-identification, self-identification criteria.

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