Nemesh Olena Mykolaivna Немеш Олена Миколаївна


We describe the psychological study of Internet addiction. Considered as a kind of technological dependence of social pathology. Elucidated the technological addiction that are defined as non-chemical (behavioral) addiction, including interaction "man - machine". The characteristic of technological dependence, as that can be either passive (eg, television) or active (eg, computer games) and usually contain inducing and self-supporting properties that promote addictive tendencies. Ascertained the basic criteria for dependency: a bright expression, mood changes, development of tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, conflict and relapse. Investigated that most Internet users - men, although the number of women is gradually increasing. Outlines future directions of research online relationships. Fixed that the main issue for future research of Internet addiction should be a definition of addiction. Described a number of observations, which should be the basis of future research: people can easily communicate with those whom they are in real life will never find; communication costs are low or even those that tends to zero; there is a significant element of mystery and a call to use the Internet; people can stay in touch with friends with minimal time and financial cost; The Internet gives people a sense of status and belonging to the presents.

Key words: addiction, technology addiction, internet-user, Internet addiction, observation.

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