Zazymko Oksana Зазимко Оксана, Shilovska Olena Шиловська Олена


The research is devoted to the dynamics of the development of identity and the value sphere of the individual of young adults and teenagers in peacetime and in wartime conditions. Everyone experiences war crisis in their own way, depending on life experience, resilience, and the survival resources available to a person. A crisis situation can be seen as a challenge and a task for a person to learn to function effectively, despite adverse living conditions. Therefore, the study of the psychological characteristics of the individual, which influence the development process, the ability to realize one's own experience, to create one's own life story, based on the experience gained in a crisis situation, is of particular relevance.

The dynamics of the development of identity and the value sphere of the personality of young adults and teenagers were studied, as features that influence the process of realizing one's own experience and the development of the personality. The purpose of the work is to study the dynamics of development due to changes in the value-meaning sphere and the possible impact of war events on the formation of identity of teenagers and youth in peacetime and during the war.

As a result of empirical research, it was established that the value system of younger teenagers changes during the war. Values that provide for the safety of the family and the individual, as well as national security and peace on Earth, are gaining significant importance. For older teenagers and young adults, these values also acquire an important meaning. Also, for older teenagers, values associated with independence, purposefulness, independent goal setting and responsibility become more important. The value-meaning system of young people is aimed at finding the meaning of existence, achieving personal success, freedom of choice, relationships with the environment and coherence of one's own inner world.

During the war, among younger teenagers, the percentage of objects with uncertain life prospects increased significantly, and the percentage of children who see positive dynamics in their life prospects decreased. The importance of interpersonal relationships and establishing effective communication has increased.

Among older teenagers and young adults, the number of objects with uncertain life prospects is increasing, but the percentage of those who see positive dynamics in life has not decreased.

Keywords: identification, war crisis, value-meaning sphere, teenagers, young adults (youth).

Accepted:  27.08.2022

Reviewed:   18.10.2022

Published: 03.11.2022

DOI: http://doi.org/10.31108/3.2022.6.2.8 


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