Nataliia Chuhaieva Наталія Чугаєва


Studying at the National University of Food Technologies provides for systematic surveys of applicants for higher education aimed at optimizing the pedagogical process, in which, in particular, respondents note the high quality of teaching psychological disciplines and the need for further in-depth study of them. This fact determines the relevance of the problem of studying psychological disciplines for HR. The paper analyzes the compliance of the existing academic disciplines with the author's programme for the formation of psychological competence on the example of the pedagogical process of applicants for the educational degrees "Bachelor" and "Master" of the educational and professional programme "Personnel Management" full-time and part-time forms of education, that is, HR managers. The psychological content of the integral, general, professional competencies and programme learning outcomes illustrates the importance of mastering psychological disciplines for the HR sphere. The implementation of the original programme for the formation of the psychological competence of food industry specialists developed by the author in previous studies in the educational and professional process of future HR managers is effective, as evidenced by applicants for higher education, after mastering the "Fundamentals of Psychology", then they regularly choose psychological disciplines from the catalogue of the educational programme and the general university catalogue: Fundamentals of psychodiagnostics for HR, Psychology of HR professional activity, Psychology of soft skills in personnel management, Psychology of success, Leadership and team building. The best graduates apply the acquired psychological competencies in their own professional activities and become stakeholders, who, in turn, encourage the deepening of knowledge, skills and abilities during the learning of psychological disciplines in the process of social and educational training of personnel managers. The author determined that the study of psychological disciplines will allow applicants for higher education to be successful HR managers and to fulfill effectively their professional duties in future.

Keywords: Fundamentals of psychology, Psychology of success, Leadership and team building, Fundamentals of psychodiagnostics for HR, Psychology of HR professional activity, Psychology of soft skills for HR, HR-manager.

Accepted:  15.10.2022

Reviewed:  26.10.2022

Published: 03.11.2022



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