Svitlana Yalanska Світлана Яланська


Today, in wartime, more than ever, the work of a practical psychologist is extremely in demand. Activities to harmonize the psycho-emotional state of the individual, psychodiagnostic, correctional, developmental work of a psychologist require a successful selection of methodological psychological tools. Therefore, we have developed a project «Portable Laboratory of a Practical Psychologist» to promote the effectiveness of the specialist. The article is aimed at revealing the content, structure and functional purpose of the portable laboratory, substantiating the features of its effective use in the work of a practical psychologist. Based on the theoretical analysis of literary sources, the survey of practical psychologists, participants in the educational process (research methods), their own experience, it was found out that such a tool contributes to ensuring internal balance, psychological well-being, contributes to the realization of creative potential. Results: according to the results of the survey of practical psychologists, participants of the educational process of the National University «Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic», Shcherbani Lyceum of Shcherbani village council of Poltava district ,of Poltava region, Lyceum No. 6 «Leader» of Poltava City Council (103 people) received the following answers: to the question «Is it appropriate, in your opinion, to use art tools in the work of a psychologist? For what purpose?» 95.0% answered «yes, for the development of creativity of the individual», 92.0% - «yes, it is advisable to harmonize the psycho-emotional state», 76.0% - «for psychodiagnostics». We have developed a portable laboratory containing a set of psychological tools that can be used for psychodiagnostic, correctional, developmental purposes, as well as to optimize a person's mental state. The service function of the portable laboratory provides for the possibility of choosing a case, depending on the purpose of the activity and needs: a case of images of reproductions of paintings by famous artists, amateur artists, and unknown authors. Based on the results of studying the experience of acad. T.S. Yatsenko, in particular the method of ASPC – active socio-psychological cognition; a case of thematic metaphorical associative images (for the implementation of the resource of art practices), concluded on the basis of materials of psychologists, art therapists V.V. Nazarevych, and O.V. Tararina; complex of geometric colored shapes (5*8). The author’s complex is based on the psychogeometric test of Susan Dilinger, a specialist in the training of managerial personnel, and research of psychologist Max Luscher, the developer of the Luscher color test; complex of mini-toys (for the implementation of the resource of design techniques);  complex of materials on phototherapy. Based on the research of psychologist, art therapist Judy Weiser; complex of materials for artistic creativity (for the implementation of the resource of art practices). On the basis of the laboratory of psychodiagnostics and correctional and developmental work, the components of the portable laboratory of a practical psychologist are tested, which contribute to ensuring the internal balance of the individual, the development of creativity, the formation of teamwork skills, self-organization, successful time distribution, study and improvement of their own «I».

Key words: portable laboratory, creativity, art tools, projective methodology, practical psychologist, psycho-emotional state.

Accepted:  25.05.2022

Reviewed:  06.06.2021

Published:  09.06.2022

DOI:  http://doi.org/10.31108/3.2022.6.1.9


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