Maxym Nazar Максим Назар


Virtual educational spaces are becoming more widespread in the world as one of the most advanced educational and psychological technologies of individual and group learning on the Internet, based on the principles of activity, initiative and subjectivity of all their participants. Learning in cyberspace, intellectual and personal growth in it are moving to a qualitatively new level that meets the requirements of information society. The development of adult subjectivity in virtual educational space has undeniable social and scientific relevance. The purpose of study is to reveal psychological foundations of adult subjectivity development in virtual educational space. The subject of research is a project of adult subjectivity development in virtual educational space. Research method is a theoretical and methodological analysis of modern sources on research topic. The hypothesis that effective development of adult subjectivity on the Internet is determined by the use of virtual educational spaces and specially designed distance learning and psychological courses has been confirmed. The basic technology for the subjectivity development during distance learning (in particular, group learning) and psychological work on the Internet is a virtual educational space. It’s a specially designed, developed and maintained to achieve certain educational goals information center of the Internet, provides various forms and types of distance learning and operates on the principles of activity, initiative and subjectivity of learners and those who teach. The project of a distance learning course for the adult subjectivity development should include the following main components such as the purpose and objectives of training, distance learning program, psychological-pedagogical scenario, respondent model, facilitator model, conditions for the learning technological platform and more. The study of the adult subjectivity development principles in the virtual educational space, in particular the design of distance learning and psychological courses aimed at achieving this goal, has all the necessary grounds for its continuation and further deepening.

Keywords: subjectness, subjectness development, virtual educational space, distance education.

Accepted:  02.04.2022

Reviewed:  12.05.2022

Published: 09.06.2022



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