Lytovchenko Nina Литовченко Ніна


The article considers the problem of interpretation of the text in a broad sense - "life as a text" (in the tradition of postmodernism).  Studies of virtual reality considered it as a reality generated by the psyche, but as one that is perceived and experienced by man not as subjective, but as objective. Interpretation expands and deepens the meanings of the original texts - objects, situations, life events, personal experiences. The trend of modern scientific knowledge development demonstrates the prospects of universalizing the concepts of understanding and interpretation, as there is a tendency to expand the scope of mediation of understanding and interpretation in the relationship of science and social life, production, politics, culture..  Universalization of understanding and interpretation has led to the methodological status and transformation of these problems into a general problem of modern scientific knowledge.  Sense as a special reality and the result of understanding process can be presented in the form of a certain shortened subjective scheme of objective expanded message or it may be presented in the form of subject-schematic code - a model of perceived text, consisting of compressed to "thematic meaningful points" semantic non-verbal formation, which can be expanded into a number of synonymous texts if necessary.

Key words: virtual reality, text, interpretation, personality, personal experience, experience.

Accepted:  27.01.2022

Reviewed:  11.05.2022

Published: 09.06.2022



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