Nakonechna Maria Mykolaivna Наконечна Марія Миколаївна, Koshel Vladimir Аndreevich Кошель Володимир Андрійович, Shilina Marina Grigorievna Шиліна Марина Григорівна


The article is dedicated to the analysis of a student’s role as a partner in educational process. It is grounded that sense of modern crisis in education emerged from deep contradiction between traditionally formed, essentially conservative paradigm of educational process and explosive improvement of life conditions in modern society. It is underlined that recognition of a student as a partner, as an equal participant of a dialogue becomes meaningful within system of higher education. Consideration of a student as a partner in the context of project education is underlined by taking into account other’s subject position. It becomes «technically necessary» under conditions of emerging digital civilization to convert basic knowledge into effective learning as well as to program formation of such competences, necessary for a graduating student to solve professional tasks creatively. Adjustment of educational paradigm actually forming «soft skills» primarily enables shift of education processes from traditional subject-object “stuffing students up” with information to subject-subject “students’ self-education management”; students have their research, organizational and creative (in emotional, artistic and intellectual creativity forms) tasks. Such format of educational process organization is already used and known in educational field as project education, which forms valuable cross-functional skills. The offered project education can be a form of partner approach in subject-subject educational cooperation. Considering a student as a partner, a teacher motivates both increasing of hard skills and development of soft skills.

Keywords: personality, development, education, partner, subject, cooperation, internet.

 Accepted: 14.09.2020

Reviewed: 18.11.2020

Published: 01.12.2020



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