Yakymchuk Borys Andriiovych Якимчук Борис Андрійович


Research aim: to define the features of creative personality development in the high school educational activity conditions in the modern context of informatively-communication transformation processes in society.

Research methods. The method of descriptive analysis gave an opportunity to define the features of creative personality development in the conditions of educational activity in high school in the modern context of informatively-communication transformation processes in society. The method of system-structural analysis is carry out the review of personality’s modern creative development of high school student status. The method of comparative analysis is present a look to psychological position of personality in the social communicative transformations processes.

Results. The specific components of development of creative constituent of activity, and basic terms of realization of creative potential of personality, are described. A question is considered about expedience of creative product as modern means of the creative making realization. A scientific discussion is activated about expansion of creative work as activity. The role of work is certain in individual’s development, and also change of creative nature in modern terms.

It is marked, that the change of paradigm of creative personality stimulates the increase of the Internet in social cooperation role. Underline, that participating becomes the spheres of making effort of modern personality in social networks. It is shown that it causes the increase of creative influence role on all modern young man life spheres. It is marked in particular, that it is important to support creative personality potential, beginning exactly from student age, to time, during that there are the most active studies of personality, her adaptation to the surrounding terms, choice of own way and self-expression facilities, etc.

Conclusion. In a result underline, that by the key condition of making as potential creative personality capabilities there is activity, he active co-operating is with surrounding reality that envisages creation of educational active terms. Important for understanding at the level of administrative processes high school has realization of necessity of creation of the educationally-professional field of organization of activity with the aim of corresponding environment forming. It is methodologically reasonable and includes intensification process of cooperation in modern application technologies. It is summarized, that the most complex and effective method are studies an action, that comes true as a decision of the real professional tasks, analysis and playing of certain situations, joint activity of educational group, independent work.

Keywords: creative development, creative potential, creative capabilities, creative possibilities, work in educational activity.

Accepted: 04.05.2020

Reviewed: 16.06.2020

Published: 29.06.2020



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