Klevaka Lesya Petrivna Клевака Леся Петрівна, Grishko Olga Ivanivna Гришко Ольга Іванівна


The article identifies the relevance of the study of the problem of intellectual development of preschool children in the scientific research of psychologists and teachers. The Basic component of preschool education, which highlights the need for the formation of important skills and abilities for the life of preschool children, has been emphasized. It has been determined that in the condition of modern reforming of preschool education there is a growing interest in theoretical problems and practical use of the latest technologies in teaching and education. Today's psychologists and educators are focusing their efforts on organizing such an educational process that would promote the intellectual development of a child, conducting their scientific search for methods of effective use of the latest pedagogical learning technologies to achieve this goal. It has been noted that the use of innovative technologies in education and development of preschool children allows to achieve better results of intellectual progress compared to the use of classical methods. There is Lego technology among such innovations. The definition of the concept of "pedagogical technology" in the scientific literature has been analyzed. The influence of constructive activity on the intellectual development of preschool children has been proven further. The educational and developmental potential of Lego-technology in the intellectual development of a preschool child has been outlined. It has been noted that the use of Lego technology in working with children ensures the implementation of the "learning through play" approach, and the systematic, methodologically correct use of Lego in working with preschoolers contributes to the formation of strong relationships between the skills and abilities that a child must master. The peculiarities of application of Lego-technology in work with children of junior, middle and senior groups of preschool education institution have been presented. The examples of games with the use of Lego by an educator for every period of preschool childhood have been given.

Key words: intelligence, development, preschool child, technologies, Lego-technology.

Accepted: 10.06.2020

Reviewed: 25.06.2020

Published: 29.06.2020



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