Andrii Fedyk Андрій ФЕДИК


The article deals with the psychological peculiarities of the border guards professional problem-solving tasks in the contexts of the specific activity conditions of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The Ukrainian and foreign scientists’ views on the essence of the concept «professional problem-solving tasks» have been analyzed. It is defined that there is no common understanding of the theoretical approaches of the term essence «professional problem-solving tasks», as well as a universal way of investigating these issues among scientists. In many contexts the term «task» is used as the synonym to the concept of the term «purpose».

The main groups of the typical professional problem-solving tasks of border guards have been distinguished. The multidimensionality of the border guard officer professional activity which is considered to be the source of the professional thinking functioning and development has been investigated. The psychological aspects of the performing mental operations during the execution of the professional problem-solving tasks have been characterized. The list of the requirements for modeling of professional problem-solving tasks in the context of the further scientific researches of the psychological conditions of development of professional thinking of future officers-border guards has been formulated.

Keywords: professional problem-solving tasks, professional thinking development, border-guard, requirements for modeling.

Accepted: 10.03.2020

Reviewed: 28.03.2020

Published: 03.04.2020



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