Harkavenko Nina Vlasiyivna Гаркавенко Ніна Власіївна, Doskach Svitlana Silverstivna Доскач Світлана Сільверстівна


The article analyzes the theoretical aspects of the manifestation of the psychological phenomenon of anxiety. The concept is defined: anxiety, fear and peculiarities of anxiety as a personal property. It has been found that anxiety has also been studied at different levels, such as: the normal (optimal) level of anxiety that is perceived as necessary for effective adaptation, the level of adaptive anxietyand excessively high levels that are perceived as a non-adaptive response.

Anxiety, anxiety, fear, panic, horror are phenomena that are often present in our mental lives. They can be different in intensity, duration, structure from mild short-term anxiety to paralyzing horror, forming a diverse range of experiences that accompany a variety of life events: illness, conflict, unpleasant and unexpected events.The scientific tradition of analyzing human anxiety mainly captures the following basic approaches: typical mental state as a response to probable threats; a special mental state that most often manifests itself in crisis or extreme conditions; the specific property of the person; multifaceted emotional experience of predominantly negative orientation; the realization of fear and the like.

It is established that the problem of anxiety is a well-developed scientific topic in works related to the study of individual-typological characteristics of a person. It is concluded that among many forms of verbal regulation and self-programming, scientists call self-satisfaction, autonomy, dedication, self-help, self-realization, self-realization.

It is revealed that the results of the ascertainment experiment state that the high level of personal anxiety in early adolescence is largely caused by personality, adaptation and motivational factors, which indicates the need to find ways, forms and methods of specially organized corrective action for preventive action in order to correct the high level of personality anxiety of young men.

Key words: anxiety, anxiety, personality, emotional state, fear, cognition, emotions, phenomenon.

Accepted: 30.11.2019

Reviewed: 09.12.2019

Published: 19.12.2019


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