Vladimir Andreevich Koshel Володимир Андрійович Кошель, Maria Mykolaivna Nakonechna Марія Миколаївна Наконєчна


The key contradictions of the modern educational system and their influence on development of a personality are examined in the article. First contradiction is formed by necessity to reproduce executive labour workers and simultaneous necessity to prepare creative and active personalities. Second contradiction is correlated with real existence of subject-object and subject-subject relations in educational practice. Third contradiction affects attitude toward a professor and societal attitude towards educational process in general, that is characterized by tendencies of reducing professor’s work to managerial role in organization of students’ self-training. At the same time today, as never, role of humanitarian constituent of education and need for professors as creative subjects, which can organize joint comprehension of actual questions and problems, is becoming progressively important. Different parties are examined within educational process, where both subject-object and subject-subject relations can exist. It is underlined that exactly subject-subject relations and intersubjective realtions as the ultimate form of the latter constitute the real pre-condition for development of creative personalities, subjects of goal-setting. Conclusion is made, that the role of professor under modern conditions of social transformations lies in outrunning overcome of abovementioned contradictions. Exactly this will be able to become one of pre-conditions of forming of true human history, based on relations of developing interinfluence of personalities as goal-setting subjects.

Keywords: development, education, personality, subject-subject relations, subject.

Отримано: 30.10.2018

Відрецензовано: 20.12.2018

Опубліковано: 28.12.2018


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