Borovytska Olena Mykolaivna Боровицька Олена Миколаївна


The technology «CARUS», developed by Ukrainian psychologist V.O. Molyako, is seen as an actual paradigm of studying the mechanisms of organization of virtual reality as a creative and mental activity of the subject. The specification of the view on the technological understanding of the concept of virtuality through the prism of its ontologization is being made, thanks to the technology of «CARUS» as a research technology of ontologically significant virtual space of the creative subject. It is about the relevance of the structural and functional integrity of the nature of the mental in the organization of the virtual as a creative-minded space of the subject. The creative subject structures its reality as a virtual one, being at different stages of the course of the creative process as reconstructive levels of such a reality. Virtualistics is understood as a complex hierarchical structure with its properties, features of occurrence and functioning, which actualizes not only the level of mechanical interaction of a human («human–machine») but also complex psychic phenomena and processes. An intersubjective conception of understanding the phenomenon of virtual reality is proposed, where the principle of intersubjective interaction serves as the principle of the organisation of virtual reality. Virtualistics is being investigated as a potential virtual psychology of creativity, where procedural and personal aspects of the problem of creativity unanimously is actualized in the virtual, as the real space of the subject.

Key words: virtualistics, «CARUS», virtual reality, intersubjectivity, virtual psychology of creativity, creative subject, reconstruction.

Отримано: 04.12.2018

Відрецензовано: 18.12.2018

Опубліковано: 28.12.2018


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