Medyntsev Vladyslav Olexandrovych Мединцев Владислав Олександрович


The article presents a psychological interpretation of the Modern eratheorist thinking, carried out by V. Bibler. The interpretation is based on auniversal methodological tool for describing the processes (ST-method).Intellectual are called the processes, which include the modus of the intellectualoperations, mastered by the person and the modus of the subject of thought.Activity of synthesizing intuition is interpreted as a process of searching forappropriate variants of combinations of components of the theorizing subject,components of General scientific and scientific-disciplinary knowledge. Theactions of rational deduction are interpreted as manifestations of the regulatoryactivity of the patterns of formal logic. Semiotic restructuring of the logicalmovement is written as processes regulated by patterns of semiotic operations.Then there is a reconsideration of the result and the cognitive tools used by thetheorist. These processes are considered as a theorist's psychological reflectionaimed to his theorizing in all or some of its components. The result of theseprocesses can be adjustments to the field of knowledge, the subject of theorizingand the theory created, as well as patterns of intellectual operations. Theseadjustments are followed by a new cycle of reasoning. The last thoughtprocedure is the shaping of practical conclusions about application of thetheory. At this stage, “"I" practical mind” performs intellectual operations onthose mental modi that contain more general knowledge of the theorist about theworld. The article shows only those processes that can be compared with thethought processes considered by Bibler. Using the ST-method, one can assumeand check in experiments the existence of many other synchronous processesperhaps also essential in obtaining an intellectual product, including a newtheory.Keywords: theory, thinking, modus of culture, subject of thought, patternsof intellectual operations

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.31108/3.2019.2.10.3

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