Ludmyla Mykholaivna Zakharenko Людмила Миколаївна Захаренко, Tetiana Ivanivna Yurchenko-Shekhovtsova Тетяна Іванівна Юрченко-Шеховцова


The peculiarities of the motivation for training of the first-year cadets (n = 365) of higher educational establishment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine were studied. It was established that the leading motives for choosing a profession by the first-year cadets were the availability of personal qualities that correspond to the profession, the desire to fight crime, to satisfy the needs of social prestige, material wealth, to compensate their own imperfections in character in the profession. Internally motivated and externally positively motivated cadets in choosing their profession were also guided by the romantic attractiveness of the profession.

An orientation to the acquisition of knowledge is the most characteristic internal motivation to vocational training for the first-year cadets. The motives for choosing a profession determine the peculiarities of the motivation of the educational (cognitive) activity of the first-year cadets.

The features of motivation for the study of internally motivated and externally motivated first-year cadets are described. It is noted that internally motivated first-year students seek to acquire knowledge, professional skills and abilities. Externally positively motivated cadets of the first year are only aimed at acquiring professional skills. Externally negatively motivated first-year cadets are not interested in vocational training.

It is determined that when choosing the means of stimulating of the academic motivation of the first-year students it should be taken into account that the prestige and romanticism of the profession, material interest do not affect the motivation to study. Mastering a profession by the first-year cadets during their studies will be successful provided they have the personal qualities that respond to their profession. It is determined that the first-year students with intermediate combinations of parameters of vocational training motivation need to develop self-evaluation skills, to form an adequate self-assessment, to familiarize themselves with the ways of self-motivation to study.

Key words: motivation to study, internally motivated cadets, externally motivated cadets, stimulation.

Отримано: 01.11.2018

Відрецензовано: 13.11.2018

Опубліковано: 28.12.2018


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