Kryvopyshyna Olena Anatoliivna Кривопишина Олена Анатоліївна


This article represents the results of the empirical study of psychological formation determinants of envy. The factors influencing the formation of envy, social comparison, superiority of another person, kinship and social intimacy have been identified experimentally, as well as positive correlation among them (at the level of high statistical significance). The interrelation of characterological peculiarities of respondents with their propensity for envy has been discovered: the most prone to envy are people with dysthymic and hysterical types of accentuation of personality traits, the least prone are those with cyclothymic and neurotic types. The existence of significant positive correlation between the factors of social comparison and empathy, between the factors of superiority of others and time orientation, between the factors of kinship and social intimacy and time orientation and empathy have been determined. Personality correlates of envy have been identified: developmental level of achievement motivation, mental flexibility, creativity and commitment to values.

Keywords: envy, factors (social comparison, superiority of another person, kinship and social intimacy), achievement motivation, accentuation of personality traits, empathy, creativity.

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