Savchenko Olena Vyacheslavivna Савченко Олена В’ячеславівна


The reflective competence realizes an important function of the accumulation and regulation the units of the reflective experience, formed in the process of applying various forms of reflective activity. We identify four main components of its structure with  different functions: 1) an information component provides the adequate understanding of the problem to be solved by the subject; 2) an instrumental component provides the successful realization of various forms of the reflexive activity by the existing system of the reflective skills; 3) a value-motivational component provides the ability to assess its own activity and results, forming judgments about its effectiveness; 4) a behavioral component provides decision-making in undefined situation by choosing  the optimal strategy of behavior. The purpose of this research is to identify the peculiarities of the organization of the information component of the personality`s reflective competence.

The structure of the information component of the reflective competence corresponds to the hierarchical organization of the whole system of the reflective competence and includes personal formations, which provide understanding of the internal and external factors of problem-conflict situations on cognitive, metacognitive and personal levels. On a cognitive level the function of  understanding  the problem implemented both through the actualization of knowledge about reflection and recollection of the necessary information; on a metacognitive level - through the self-assessment of own abilities and resources, forming judgments about their competencies; on a personal level - through the consciousness of self-concept’s system  as a subject of reflexive activity. The volume of the subject`s acquired knowledge, motivational readiness to use it in problem-conflict situations and formed self-concept as a regulating mechanism of the subject's activity are important factors that determine the characteristics of the organization of the information component of reflective competence in preadult age.

Keywords: reflective experience, reflective competence, system of knowledge, мetacognitive awareness, the model of «self-reflective».

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