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The number of references should be at least 40 for reviews and at least 20 for empirical articles.


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Smulson, M. L., Ditiuk, P. P., Kovalenko-Kobylianska, I. H., Meshcheriakov, D. S., & Nazar, M. M. (2021). Psykholohichni mekhanizmy stanovlennia subiektnosti doroslykh u virtualnomu prostori: monohrafiia [Psychological mechanisms of the adults subjectness becoming in the virtual space: a monograph]. Smulson, M. L. (Ed.). Kyiv – Lviv: Vydavets Viktoriia Kundelska [in Ukrainian].

Smulson, M. L., Meshcheriakov, D. S., & Nazar M. M. (2020). Psykholohichni zasady proiektuvannia internet-resursiv dlia rozvytku subiektnosti doroslykh [Psychological basis of internet resources designing for the adult`s subjectness development]. Tekhnolohii rozvytku intelektu, 4(3). http://doi.org/10.31108/3.2020.4.3.1 [in Ukrainian].


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