Yatsenko Tamara Яценко Тамара Семенівна, Andruschenko Viktor Андрущенко Віктор Петрович


The article reveals a psychodynamic approach to understanding the psyche in its entirety (“conscious/unconscious”). We emphasize on the interrelationships of the substructures of the psyche in their conscious and unconscious manifestations, as well as on the research possibilities of the “Active Social Psychological Cognition” method (ASPC). The specified method plays the role of both a search and research procedure in the in-depth cognition of the psyche, and practical perspectives of providing assistance to future psychologists in their personal psychocorrection.

The palette of psychological and philosophical problems, which are not covered by academic psychology, is specified. The work clarifies the essence of psychological defenses of the psyche in their situational and basal manifestations (“vertical” and “horizontal”). The problem of the applicability of the methods of the psyche cognition in its integrity (“conscious/unconscious”) is also outlined, as well as the form and content of training of future practical psychologists.

For the first time, the “Super-Id” substructure is introduced into the “Model of the Internal Dynamics of the Psyche”, which reflects the archaic influence on the psyche of the pre-Oedipal period of human development in its psychological parameters, which remain effective to this day. A comparative analysis of the methodology of traditional and psychodynamic approaches to understanding the psyche is carried out, which affects the specifics of training the future psychologist for their professional activity.

Keywords: archetype, inseparability of the conscious and the unconscious, metacognitive, extra-experiential, psychological defenses, integrity of the mental

Accepted: 02.05.2023

Reviewed: 19.05.2023

Published: 30.05.2023


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