Nazar Maxim Mykolayovich Назар Максим Миколайович


Work's purpose is an opening of information technologies role in distant education for development of subject activity. As a result of research the role of information technologies in distant education for development of subject activity is exposed. It is rotined psychological phenomenon of subject activity is determined as a measure of purposefulness display of individual acivity which is aimed at transformation of external (objective) or/and internal (subjective) reality. In a copula with forming of independence, criticism of perception, intention and abilities for permanent self-training, activity and initiativeness, information educational technologies are connected for condition forming, in which high-efficiency thought and subject activity are formed. Learner is perceived not as passive object of learning, but as an active subject which internalizes knowledge in the process of his/her activity, carries out subject activity, puts and achieves educational goals. Setting of learning aims of students from teacher's side is replaced by their own educational aims determination, construction of individual trajectories and rates of education, depending on own personality features, necessities, advantages and persuasions. Thus, information technologies become not instruments of teachers influence on students for translation of «prepared knowledges», but instruments of opening of their own subject activity, independent intellectual creation, thought. Distant learning and education, foremost in the context of virtual educational environments functioning, are factors of subject activity development of educational process participants. Among technologies assist this development, distant educational courses, internet trainings, webinars, video conferences, on-line discussions in the format of chats and groups in social networks etc. are especially selected.

Keywords: subjectness, communicative competence, distance education.

Accepted:  11.03.2021

Reviewed:  12.05.2021

Published:  02.06.2021



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