Chaika Irina Viktorivna Чайка Ірина Вікторівна


The article highlights the positions of national scholars in studying the problem of self-actualization of elementary school teachers. It is established that today scientists consider self-actualization as a continuous process, which involves awareness of the personality of the perspective of their own and social development, ability to see alternatives, awareness of responsibility for their choice and mastering the individual style of activity. The problem of self-actualization in the professional context is considered, as professional self-actualization for many people becomes their leading way. The features of personal self-actualization in professional activity are highlighted. The professional requirements concerning the personality of the elementary school teacher are defined. The main features of a primary school teacher who strives for self-actualization are highlighted. The author's approach to defining the concept of "self-actualization" in the context of the problem under study is formed. It has been established that the self-actualization of elementary school teachers should be interpreted in a causal approach (there must be something that affects one's personality and, as a result, one's personality). In order for a personality to be self-actualizing, it must, first of all, develop in a supportive environment. That is, its growth is influenced by external factors. Secondly, the internal factors follow from what goals it sets for itself and how it seeks to achieve them. As a result, the set of these factors affects the psychological state of the individual, which leads either to his self-actualization in his chosen profession or to inability to find himself and succeed in a particular field. That is, the self-actualization of elementary school teachers is a gradual process of discovering one's personal potential and embodying it in the professional sphere under the influence of external and internal factors.

Keywords: personality, activity, personal development, education, professional formation.

Accepted: 11.03.2020

Reviewed: 28.03.2020

Published: 03.04.2020



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