Chuyko Halyna Vasylivna Чуйко Галина Василівна, Chaplak Yan Vasylyovych Чаплак Ян Васильович


The article is deals with the analysis of the meaning of the Internet in human life and the development of an information society.

It is noted that the Internet is gradually expanding the opportunities of the person both in getting information and in the field of communication, and is an essential feature of the information society, in which different spheres of life and perspectives for its development are mainly dependent on information and methods of its using.

The purpose of the article is to theoretically analyze the role of the Internet in the life and communication of the modern person as a means of communicative and informational influence in society.

It was discovered that the spreading of the Internet in our society and in the world in general nowadays used not only to inform its users as a means of communication or fun (recreation, relaxation): the Internet became a universal and effective means of manipulating of individual and public consciousness almost since its invention.

The attention paid to the specifics of the presentation of information on the Internet, carried out in the form of individual fragments – clips, which are often not related at all, which predetermines the absurdization of its meaning

It is stated that Internet users most often perceive it as an opportunity: to be yourself, not pretending and not playing a role; to get the necessary or interesting information in the shortest possible time, to learn about the events in the world; to communicate with relatives and friends; to relax, distracted from the problems of reality. And all this is the evidence of further informatization of society, although only few Internet users are aware of the power of information influence and the ability of information to create its own reality.

It is concluded that in the context of interaction the Internet is a risk to become an object of manipulation, and from the point of view of interpersonal communication is a possibility to lose sincere communication and the opportunity to live a real life.

Key words: Internet, virtual space, communication, manipulation of consciousness, information influence, information society.

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