Koliarova Anastasiia Olehivna Колярова Анастасія Олегівна


The article covers the estimate of developing influences efficiency in different training environments. An example of the development of bodily experience reflection shows advantages of a combined resident and distance training complex in comparison with standard training classes. Developing environment efficiency checking was carried out for three experimental groups, which are similar in sex and age composition and representativity of reflective personality styles. The first and second groups practiced intensive yoga and were exposed to psychological influence according to two different development programs: the first one – a program was realized with the use of the combined resident and distance training complex of the development of bodily experience reflection; the second one – only resident training classes. The third group was a control one composed of persons who continued to practice intensive yoga and conducted the usual way of life. As a result of the experiment it has been established that the intensive yoga practice is a determinant of reduction of the level of negative ("stupid", according to D. Leontyev) reflection and contributes to the person’s attention focusing on objects pertinent to an actual life situation and inseparable from an actual situation of existence in sociocultural space. The resident training classes together with the intensive yoga practice provide the formation of a higher level of personality reflexivity. Taking the complete combined resident and distance training complex of the development of bodily experience reflection motivates personalities to change their own reflective style towards its constructivity, which is a significant factor of the development of personality’s ability to self-designing.

Keywords: reflection, reflective personality style, bodily experience, self-designing of personality, developing environment, resident and distance training.

Accepted: 11.09.2018

Reviewed: 28.09.2018

Published: 12.10.2018

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