Tkach Bogdan Mykolaiovych Ткач Богдан Миколайович


The article presents the taxonomy of deviances in the modern society and describes the structure of their deviant substrate/activity. It is proven that the deviant context is aggressive and it skilfully uses imperfections of the human psyche, especially of people with low psychological literacy. It appears that aestheticization, sacralization and axiologization are applied in order to promote conventional and non-conventional deviances. It is pointed out that food addictions, chemical addictions and consumerism are being artificially created with the application of traditional influence methods (propaganda) and modern technologies (neuromarketing). The existence of permanent dissociation and interchangeability of different form of deviance in the modern society are described. The insight into the modern peculiarities of socially erotic collective relations and understanding of the sexual deviances is provided. The forms of socialized aggression in the elite society are identified. The transformations of deviant behaviour are presented, in particular, social networking addictions resulting from digital colonialism and scientific progress. It was discovered that controllability of the internet search engines created certain illusions and cognitive distortions among the population. The interconnection between characteristic brain features of a gamer and a genre choice, between cognitive complexity and frequency of stressful scenes in a computer game has been established. It is pointed out that distinct anti-suicidal factors restrain from committing suicide. It is discovered that workaholism of people with low income is predetermined by impoverishment, and of wealthy people – by “a sense of poverty” and “fear to lose status”. It is established that musical, religious/ideological fanaticism and addictions fulfil quasi-therapeutic function.

Keywords: aggressive behaviour, sexual deviations, suicidal behaviour, addictive behaviour, personality, society.

Accepted: 03.20.2018

Reviewed: 03.29.2018

Published: 04.11.2018

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