Podshyvajlov Fedir Myhajlovych Подшивайлов Федір Михайлович


The article describes the author's typology of personality, developed on the basis of the correlation between the intellectual sphere’s indicators (the levels of development of verbal and non-verbal abilities). Correlation relationships of intellectual indicators with personal characteristics have been investigated, significant correlations of intellectual indicators with such psychological characteristics as aggressiveness, benevolence, authoritarianism, aspiration to domination, propensity to adapt, compromise, cooperation have been revealed. With the help of the author's method of non-linear correlation links’ analyzing, the ratio of verbal and non-verbal abilities is considered in more detail, on the basis of which a typology of personality is constructed. Using the one-factor analysis of variance, the differences between the proposed personality types in many psychological parameters are shown. On the one hand, the method proposed in the article can be used to investigate nonlinear correlation links of any psychological parameters, and on the other hand, the presented typology reveals nonlinear connections of the intellectual sphere with other psychological characteristics, including social ones the study of the links between social and intellectual parameters will help to find the answer to the question of why not always individuals with a high level of IQ can achieve success in life.

Key words: intellectual sphere of personality, verbal abilities, non-verbal abilities, typology modeling, personality typology.

Accepted: 03.23.2018

Reviewed: 04.02.2018

Published: 04.11.2018

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