Voznjuk Oleksandr Vasylovych Вознюк Олександр Васильович


An attempt to analyze  the socio-psychological mechanisms of aggression and somatic illnesses in general methodological field is made, thus using the results of synergetic science, that allows to differentiate universal theoretical construct related to two basic psycho-physiological states of a man as a system – openness and closeness. These states find realization at different spheres of man's existence – value orientations level, the field of social perception and role conduct, the sphere of psychosomatic/somatic illnesses. The analysis of the mentioned spheres of human organism's vital functions at the level of general explanatory model enables to conceptually integrate aggression and health.

It is shown that aggressive actions of a man are provoked by his ego-centric superiority complex, being a specific adaptive response, needed for man's development and existence in social reality thus creating conditions for the development of the personality – a unique and free creature. But in extreme living conditions, when at the life scene appears the spontaneously-creative, subconscious, involuntary regulation of behavior, the sense of self-importance strikes the man himself, because superiority complex releases the accumulated aggression hence destroying its carrier and not allowing him to use life-saving resources of unconscious regulation of behavior.

Social and psychological mechanisms of aggression and somatic illnesses are viewed in general methodological field that helps to state certain correlation between mental, behavioral and somatic aspects of the man, which in its turn to some extent unifies psychological, social and somatic factors of any illness.

Key words: phenomenology of health, synergetics, open and closed systems, the method of paradoxical intention, empathy, synesthesia, role diffusion.

Accepted: 03.22.2018

Reviewed: 40.03.2018

Published: 04.11.2018


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