Voznjuk Olena Mykolaivna Вознюк Олена Миколаївна


The article describes the situations concerning the problem of creativity in world science and the evolution of the concepts of "the creativity", "the creative one"; it is outlines the key directions of the research of creativity; the concept of social creativity is clarified; the factors and socio-psychological conditions ("creative environment", "creative climate") that characterize the development of social creativity are considered; the information about the ability to creativity is generalized; the attention is paid to high internal motivation and "motivators" of creative activity; the model of creative behavior of the mentor of the climate is reflected; the stages of the transformation of potential creativity into real one are presented. The basic approaches to general and social psychology to the analysis of the phenomenon of creativity are conceptualized. The characteristics of the creative environment and the control over the personality's creativity are considered, as well as the tools and scales being used in the measurement of creativity are analyzed.

Keywords: creativity, creative climate, creative environment, the motivators of creative activity, creative environment, social creativity, the styles of thinking, the subject of creativity.

Accepted: 03.26.2018

Reviewed: 04.06.2018

Published: 04.11.2018

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