Bedlinskyj Oleksij Ivanovych Бедлінський Олексій Іванович


The paper explores the specifics of creative giftedness development in Mathematics in preschool and primary school students. The author explores conditions which hinder the development of creative abilities in the process of teaching Mathematics to first grade students. The priority is given to the necessity of developing thought actions with sets of concrete objects or images of objects in functions of connections between them instead of focusing on the numeracy skills and initial habits of working with numbers in the process of teaching Mathematics to children of preschool and primary school age. The longer students work with sets of concrete objects, the higher is probability that the elements of creative mathematical gift will develop, namely: sensitivity towards different types of signals and heightened psychomotor abilities, highly intellectual abilities, creative abilities, abilities to achieve the estimated results, connected with overcoming various difficulties. It is demonstrated that numeracy skills should be formed in the process of solving and constructing problems. Constructing of the mathematical problems by primary school students is possible only when the student creates the entire problem independently while the teacher directs their actions in the framework of cycles of constructive activity. The attempts to accelerate the process of numeracy skills development ignoring time-consuming processes of actions interiorization with a set of objects may lead to hindering development of components of creative gift.

Keywords: action, interiorization, giftedness, image, creativity.


Accepted: 05.15.2017

Reviewed: 05.25.2017

Published: 06.29.2017

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