Miskov Gennadiy Vasyliovych Міськов Геннадій Васильович


Essence of the professional becoming, its stages and basic personality constituents of the professional becoming of specialist, is investigated in the article. So as there is indissoluble unity of consciousness and activity, then every stage of the professional becoming is accompanied by certain psychical reflections that giving an opportunity of the differentiated approach at determination of leading level of anticipation.

During a professional growth there is motion from the simple sensory and perceptual acts of reflection to the generalization and to the mediated reflection of reality that has cognitive origin and comes forward as intellectual ability of personality.

Theoretical research of displays of anticipation essence and stages of the professional becoming gives an opportunity to analyze and synthesize certain functional dependence of leading level of anticipatory processes from the stage of the professional becoming of personality, basic psychological new formations of the stage and decision ability of anticipation depending on levels mental reflection.

Keywords: Professional formation, stages of professional development, personal components of professional formation, anticipation, levels of mental reflection.

Accepted: 06.17.2017

Reviewed: 06.26.2017

Published: 06.29.2017

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