Chuyko Halyna Vasylivna Чуйко Галина Василівна, Чаплак Ян Васильович Chaplak Yan Vasylyovych


The style of life of the individual is one of psychic phenomena, which is sense making and integrated the life path in integrity system wholeness. In psychology this concept was introduced by A. Adler, who understood lifestyle as individually unique manner of reaching a person's life goals, realization of the sense and means that allow human to optimally adapt to reality. Further study of life style in psychology has led to the analysis of the components and types of life-style and concepts close to it in meaning: E. Berne and his followers associated the lifestyle of the individual with the life script, K.O. Abulkhanova-Slavskaya with the concept of life strategy, R.Plutchik-R.Kellerman: with complex of mental defense mechanisms.

Our research allowed to make a conclusion on the peculiarities of the life style of high school students, which distinguishes: social adaptation, the tendency to accept themselves and others, to subordinate and to avoid problems, in particular, using the defense mechanisms of displacement, denial and compensation; adequately sensing the importance and value of the process of life, being satisfied with past results of self-realization and believing that life is emotionally abounding and filled with meaning, the studied disposed to focus on future goals and meanings, feel responsibility for the choice of life goals and try to implement it mainly in the life spheres of physical activity and admirations; among the values of life give preference to creativity, achievements and prestige.

Keywords: lifestyle, life script, life strategy, values, meaning of life.

Accepted: 01.26.2017

Reviewed: 02.05.2017

Published: 03.24.2017

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