Nazar Maksym Mykolaiovych Назар Максим Миколайович


Psychological and educational potentials of innovative electronic technology, such as directed on communicative competence's development internet-trainings, is considerable, and their application have perspective, exposing new instruments for group studies and psychological work for psychologists and teachers. Group work in the format of webinars, internet-conferences, internet-trainings etc., as well as it productive organization, holds one of major places in virtual educational space. The important organizational constituents of such teaching courses are the development of the proper resource learning-psychological context – virtual educational space, design the course's participants' model, use of multimedia technologies, trainer's experience in trainings and other. Indexes of research's different methods, which are responsible for a communicative competence, became better among most participants in times of participating in internet-training. Trainer's experience in implementation of trening's work in «ordinary», out of Internet, context is the important factor of remote trening's work's effective realization. Drawn conclusion both about aggregate of the productive internet-trainings’ basic organizational factors’ realization and about the value of the used innovative learning technologies on the basis of electronic communicative's and multimedia possibilities' application of the Internet.

Keywords: training, Internet, communication, competence.

Accepted: 03.03.2017

Reviewed: 03.12.2017

Published: 03.24.2017

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