Lytvynchuk Lesya Mykhaylivna Литвинчук Леся Михайлівна


In this article the issue of a motivational structure of an opioid addicted personality is addressed. The essence of the developed and implemented stages of psychological rehabilitation is revealed. The importance of applying transtheoretical pattern of behavior change is stressed. To assess the motivational changes, we used a modified questionnaire called "Diagnostics of Motivational Structure of Personality", by V. E. Milman, aimed at diagnosing the motivational structure of personality. Using this technique, we examined the basic life aspirations of opioid addicts, identified the types of emotional profiles. According to V. E. Milman, the structure of personality contains two types of motivation: the productive and the consumptive one. Consumptive motivation is aimed at supporting an individual’s life and is determined by his needs. There are a number of versions of this technique. The content of scales may vary as well. At the same time, since the idea of the technique appears attractive enough, we applied the technique of diagnostics of motivational structure of personality. This technique enables us to trace the types of emotional profiles included in the study. Inclusion of emotional profiles into general motivational component is substantiated scientifically by indissolubility of motivation and emotionality. In pilot study, this combination provides us significant diagnostic information.

The results of empirical study of opioid addicts as to their motivational structure are presented.

Keywords: motivational structure, psychological rehabilitation, an opioid addict, description of the problem. transtheoretical model of behavior change.

Accepted: 03.07.2017

Reviewed:03. 17.2017


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